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A player wins a point when his or her opponent cannot return a shot, or the opponent's shot ...

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Player – one of the people involved in playing a game, e.g. tennis player or football player Rally – the exchange of shots between players. A rally starts when the receiver returns serve

Tennis Terms List | A-Z Glossary Explained With Definitions

Tennis Terms Starting with “A” 1. Ace. An ace is a tennis serve that lands in the opponent player’s service box but the opponent couldn’t hit it with... 2. Ad. Ad is the shortcut of the word “advantage”. A player is said to have an ‘Ad’ or ‘Advantaged’ if the player wins... 3. Ad Court. The left ...

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NO-AD – A system of scoring a game in which the first player to win four points wins the game. If the score reaches 3-all, the next point decides the game. NO MAN’S LAND – A slang term for the area between the service line and the baseline. OUT – A ball landing outside the boundary lines of the court.

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For this reason, we have put together an extensive glossary in which you can clarify all your questions. Here are the 100 most important terms that every tennis player needs to know. 1. Ace. A serve that the opponent can’t reach with his racket. 2. Ad Court. Left side of the court. 3.

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Check out the following list of common tennis terms: Ace: An ace occurs when the service returner cannot make contact with their opponent’s serve at all, resulting in the... Advantage-in: Also known by its more colloquial term “ad-in,” this is a reference to the tennis score if the server wins... ...

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United States tennis player who was the first Black woman player to win all the major world singles titles (1927-2003) Stephanie Graf. German tennis player who won seven women's singles titles at Wimbledon (born in 1969) Billie Jean Moffitt King. United States woman tennis player (born in 1943) Rodney George Laver.

Tennis: Glossary of terms and definitions

Backhand - a way to swing the tennis racquet where the player hits the ball with a swing that comes across the body. Backspin - spin of a tennis ball that causes the ball to slow down and/or bounce low. Backswing - the motion of a swing that moves the racquet into position to swing forward and strike the ball. Baseline - the line indicating back of the court. Baseliner - a tennis player whose strategy is to play from the baseline. See Tennis Strategies for more.